2D Text Presets

for Animation Composer

It’s a selection of 1000+ presets for 2D text layers. It covers the most of the 2D text animations. From the basic text transitions to more complex stuff.

You can preview each preset from this pack inside After Effects with free Animation Composer plug-in.

This pack is for you if:

  • you work with text layers
  • you like animating individual characters, words or lines
  • you want to save some time on animating text
  • you want to experiment & try various of different animations on your text

Technical details

The presets works with text layers only. The text is animated using one or more animators & range selectors (a special perperties of text layers) of which every value can be customised.

Authors Note

I use this pack generally for titles. It’s easy to look up a preset by animated properties, plus I can additionaly adjust everything. Creating a text transition using animators & range selectors are often time consuming (if you are not a skilled veteran).

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