Animation Composer



  • Fixed crash that occurs when starting After Effects

Date: 05. Apr 2017


  • Added support for new Shape Elements Pack
  • Preview Grid now shows only items shown in tree when using search
  • Fixed slow closing of Animation Composer panel
  • FIxed some minor glitches in UI

Date: 05. Apr 2017


Platform: macOS

  • Fixed a crash that happened when one of AC panels was docked as Stacked Panel Group

Date: 15. Mar 2017


  • Added new amazing panel called Preview Grid
  • Fixed slow Preview loading on Windows in some cases
  • Fixed Green Preview issue on Windows
  • Fixed mouse-over handling when multiple panels are opened on Mac
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and UI glitches

Date: 06. Mar 2017


  • Added support for paths (masks, shapes) to Keyframe Wingman
  • Fixed several bugs that were causing crashes when using Keyframe Wingman

Date: 27. Nov 2016


  • Added Keyframe Wingman tool
  • Added option to change Precomp's duration before inserting it
  • Added option to insert Precomp at playhead at its In Point or at the end of its In Transition
  • Added clear button to search bar
  • Added option to reveal freshly installed items
  • Fixed some minor issues

Date: 22. Nov 2016


  • Fix an issue that caused crash when using Anchor Point tool
  • Fix an issue that caused the plugin to not load when After Effects was started through Adobe Premiere
  • Add back the possibility to search for preset with its unique code

Date: 06. Sep 2016


  • Prevented crash in buggy AE CS6 version ("Update required" warning)
  • Fixed random logout issue
  • Fixed crash on changing Precomp duration

Date: 17. Aug 2016


  • Added option to edit "Duration with transition" directly in UI
  • Fixed error occuring during inserting a new Precomp
  • Fixed some other minor issues

Date: 12. Aug 2016


  • Fix Free Starter Pack download button
  • Fix some rare crashes

Date: 11. Aug 2016


  • Fixed Precomp editing issue in large project files
  • Fixed some UI glitches in Manage Products window

Date: 10. Aug 2016


  • Fixed crash on start
  • Fixed crash after login
  • Fixed Update button in Manage Products

Date: 10. Aug 2016


Animation Composer has a lot of new awesome features.

  • Polished user interface.
  • New type of content called "Precomps". It’s royalty-free content that you can use in your videos. For example: titles, animated illustrations, elements and much more.
  • There's a new store where you can get a lot of additional content.
  • Anchor Point Mover - quickly reposition the anchor point for selected layers...
  • There's a new user guide with lots of short videos... full of tips and tricks.
  • User accounts. Now you can keep your favourites and licenses safely synced with your account.
  • New "Manage Products" window. Download, update and manage your products from one place. Working with presets has got better too.
  • Now you can finally apply a preset to multiple selected layers.
  • There are more options on how to copy a preset.
  • New presets in "The Most Handy Presets Pack". Update to Animation Composer 2 for free and check out the other videos for tips and tricks.

Date: 10. Aug 2016