Titles & Lower Thirds

Titles & Lower Thirds
Single user commercial license, to create unlimited number of videos.


This is a pack of 14 unique styles of lower thirds & titles for Animation Composer. It's very easy to use - just drag and drop it and Animation Composer will add it as a composition.

  • Editable colors. You can use custom colors or choose from color presets.
  • The shapes automatically rescale to the text (only works with After Effects CC 2014 and newer)
  • You can quickly change text using Animation Composer without going into compositions.
  • Add it with or without the transition
  • Easily change the duration
  • Edit the content
  • Made of 100% After Effects layers
  • Added as 1920 x 1080 px composition
  • Silky smooth browsing. You got preview for everything!

Minimum Requirements

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Create Stunning Pictures

Titles for all kinds of compositions.

Auto Scaling

You can now quickly change text using Animation Composer. Without going into compositions. The shapes automatically rescale to the text as you type

Easy Browsing

It’s very easy and quick fo find wha you are looking for. There’s a preview for every title. You can browse in a list or in the new preview grid browser.


If you work in Adobe Premiere Pro, here’s a workflow that you might find useful.

Items included in this pack

Quote 2-placeholder Quote 1
Number 2-placeholder Centered 1
Text 1-placeholder
Quote 2-placeholder Quote 1
Text 1-placeholder
Text & Image 1-placeholder 1
Left 1-tier
Number 2-placeholder Centered 1
Left 1-tier
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